The Florida Association of Health Plans' mission is to better the health of Florida's citizens by promoting the growth of health plans dedicated to providing the best service, highest quality of care, best value and affordability, and access to their members and business partners.  We do this by:

1. Helping to develop cooperative relationships between health plans, providers, government partners, and employer groups.
2. Advocating for the interests of health plans and their members on legislative and regulatory issues.
3. Educating our members, policy makers, and the public about our health plans and the benefits they provide.


House Appropriations Committee Passes Legislation to End Balance Billing For Emergency Services

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, March 31, 2015  Tallahassee, Fla. – The Florida Association of Health Plans, Inc. (FAHP) today released the following statement from its president & CEO, Audrey Brown, commending lawmakers on the House Appropriations Committee for passing House Bill 681, relating to Health Insurance Coverage for Emergency Services.

“We commend the members of the House Appropriations Committee for approving this good public policy by Representative Trujillo that will effectively end the practice of balance billing for PPO polices, which often leaves Florida consumers with medical bills that can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

“Balance billing is a real problem that Floridians face when they, through no choice of their own, receive emergency medical care from a health care provider who is outside of their network.  They are then subject to charges for the balance of the retail charges for the emergency health care services. READ FULL PRESS RELEASE

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