9-holes only 
Includes greens fee, cart fee, range balls, group services and hole in one contest.  
Additional fee for club rentals ($75) or shoe rentals ($15).
Breakfast 8am; Charity presentation 8:30am; 9am tee-off
Shuttle from JW Marriott hotel provided




Hole in One Contest Rules:

This Insurance will indemnify the Named Insured, for their assumed liability to award the first successful amateur participant a prize, up to the Value of USD50,000, should any amateur participant achieve a Hole In One at one nominated par three hole only, which is not less than a. 175 yards in length in respect of male participants, and b. 160 yards in length in respect of female participants. Definitions applicable to this Extension Hole in One shall mean a single shot taken by one eligible participant competing in the Named Insured’s competition forming part of the Golf Event, where the ball is struck once and enters the designated hole without contact with any other object or person, and such shot complies with the provisions laid down by the United States Golf Association. Conditions applicable to this Extension.  The Governing State laws allow the offering of such a prize,  A suitably qualified employee of the Golf Course must verify and witness the successful Hole in One and confirm that no practice attempt was permitted.  Limit for the Hole in One to be no more than USD50,000 which shall represent one prize only. In the event that the prize is won, the competition will cease immediately.  The offering of the prize to be at a pre arranged hole and advertised as such beforehand.  There shall be only one attempt per participant and the Golf Event shall be limited to one round only.  No practice attempts will be permitted.  All equipment to be used during the Hole In One competition shall conform to the specifications laid down by the International Amateur Golf Association and the Hole In One competition shall be conducted in accordance with the rules laid down by these authorities.  The green at the nominated hole shall not be specially prepared or altered from the condition which is usual for normal play nor shall the hole be positioned on the green to facilitate the achievement of a Hole in One.  The pin must remain in the nominated hole at all times.